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A National Indie Excellence Award-Winning Finalist 


A Griffin in Her Desk is a magical excursion from the classroom into the realm of mythical monsters, Greek gods and fabulous treasures. Congratulations to James Clifford and Zee Ann Poerio for conjuring up an engaging children's story based on Greek mythology and ancient coins.  I hope that more volumes in this ancient coin series will be forthcoming.
Virginia Barrett, National Committee for Latin & Greek

Your book is a delight.  It's a really fresh and creative way to introduce kids to classics through ancient coins.  This is an exciting approach to bringing numismatics and classics to life for children in elementary school.
Scott Rottinghaus, MD 
                  Governor, American Numismatic Association

Mrs. Moneta is the teacher we all dream of having! She makes the classics, ancient history, Greek mythology, and reading fun and educational, with her own magical twist. You and your child will love this book, and find yourselves wanting to learn and read more about the world that is introduced to us by Mrs. Moneta.
Kerry K. Wetterstrom, Editor/Publisher – The Celator

I loved reading "A Griffin In Her Desk." What a fun story and truly wonderful way to bring ancient history, mythology, and numismatics to life! I especially enjoyed the emphasis on language and your efforts to include a manageable amount of new Latin vocabulary that was effectively scattered (and repeated) throughout the story.
I think you have succeeded in making ancient history and numismatics fun and exciting to a younger audience. I can only say that I am already looking forward to what future adventures will come with Mrs. Moneta and her class!
Elizabeth Hahn, Librarian, American Numismatic Society

The Mrs. Moneta series opens new vistas for today's young students and leads them to the Classics in a gentle but exciting way.  It's what we have needed for far too long.
Wayne Sayles, Numismatist
                  Executive Director, Ancient Coin Collectors Guild

A Griffin In Her Desk is creative education at its best.
Midwest Book Review


The Midwest Book Review
Reviewer's Choice
Creatively presenting the devilish intentions and pursuits of the four lead characters and their intertwining fates of the four books, Double Daggers is a riveting historical interpretation of the great mythological powers of the legendary Roman coin. Benefiting from the author's historical research and vividly acute concepts drawn from the rule of Roman, Crusading, Nazi and modern eras, Double Daggers is very strongly recommended as a complex, superbly crafted, thoroughly entertaining novel from beginning to end.
James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief
Midwest Book Review

Double Daggers by James R. Clifford has placed as a Winning Finalist in the Historical Fiction category for the 2007 National Indie Excellence          

Double Daggers Featured Selection Book Views February 2007 Newsletter
History is evoked in James R. Clifford’ s novel of intrigue and suspense… 
Anyone with a love of history will thoroughly enjoy this carefully researched and splendidly told story that spans the centuries.
Alan Caruba
Founding Member: National Book Critics Circle

James R. Clifford has struck gold, or should I say silver denarius, with “Double Daggers,” a fast paced historical fiction.  This book has it all – drama, intrigue and historical facts. 
Even the epilogue is unexpected in “Double Daggers” when the author ties all the owners of the EID MAR coin together in a very surprising way.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book and hope to see more from this very talented author.  I would recommend it to history and adventure buffs.   
Reviewed by Cherie Fisher for Reader View

Double Daggers was one of seven books selected by the American Numismatic Association as a notable and great read for their books of the year in 2006.

Armchair Interviews says: Strongly recommended.
Double Daggers is a fascinating story revolving around the infamous Eids of March coin.Clifford's language flows beautifully, engaging the reader until the end. The characters, with their sinister motivations, are well drawn, and the well-researched historical background adds color and credibility to the story. With each lead character, a distinct, vivid world is presented. Combining history with a touch of the paranormal, Double Daggers is an original, well-crafted--and dare I say strange--story that will be enjoyed by all. 
Reviewed by Mayra Calvani, co-editor Voice In The Dark

James R. Clifford has been graced with a fertile imagination as evidenced with his new novel Double Daggers…
Narrated through the eyes of these complex separate characters with their shifting voices, we learn of how all three acquired the coin under very peculiar and bizarre circumstances and how each falls victim to a curse that eventually leads to their destruction.
The novel's fictional history and mythology is rich and well conceived, attesting to Clifford's extensive research. This is one novel that will refuse to be forgotten long after it has been put to rest on one's book- shelf, as Clifford's characters linger in the readers' minds as well as his scenes that have an icy clarity to them. 
Norm Goldman, Editor Book Pleasures

The author creates an interesting chain of events which follow down through history with the same inevitable conclusion each time. We rated this book four hearts.
Bob Spear, Chief Reviewer and Publisher

Front Street Review
If you want to read something edge-of-your-seat-engaging, historically fascinating, and really well written - cash it in for Double Daggers, by James R. Clifford. It’s worth every penny, or should I say, denarium. This book would make wonderful book club fodder, it is well written and intriguing to end.   
Reviewed by Michelle Boucher-Ladd

“…An attractive, enjoyable novel that even provokes thought in those who go for that sort of thing.”
                   Seabrook Wilkinson, Deep South Literary Correspondent
                   Charleston Mercury

Ten Days To Madness is a fascinating story and extremely entertaining with many unexpected twists and turns. 
Mr. Clifford, created an exceptional psychological thriller with a paranormal Native American flare.
Tome Tender Book Reviews

It's fast paced, page turning madness.
E-Sylum Jeff Reichenberger

5 stars: This is a great read. it is well written, with a great story . . . and some really cool Twists.
GoodReads Reviews

Ten Days To Madness is an intriguing twist of psychological fiction, highly recommended.
Midwest Book Review