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A National Indie Excellence Award-Winning Finalist 
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I graduated from University of Alabama (Roll Tide!) in 1990 and even though I still haven't figured out how I found myself working for Smith Barney in New York. After a fun and exciting four years I moved back to the south where I've been ever since. I continue to work as a asset manager mostly because I haven't figured out how to make enough money from writing books.

My books include Blackbeard's GiftDouble Daggers, Ten Days to Madness, The Unraveling and currently working on The Ford Files.  Additionally, I co-authored a children’s book with Zee Ann Poerio titled A Griffin In Her Desk. 

I live in Charleston, SC with my wife and three daughters which is another reason I still work in the investment industry, I need to pay for 3 colleges and weddings. When I'm not working, writing, trying to peddle my books or with my family, I've been known to  play mediocre golf, fish a little and enjoy a beer.

I can be reached at jrclifford@comcast.net or give me a call (888) 564-5231